There’s a new therapy in town, and it’s no longer just for the hungover doctors on some of TV’s highly rated medical melodramas! IV Fluid Therapy has existed for quite some time now, but it hadn’t really gained popularity amongst the general public until recent years. Medical Spas and IV Fluid Boutique Clinics have started to pop up all over the East and West coasts of the United States.

You may have heard some of the buzz surrounding this new therapy in media outlets such as NBC, CBS,  XO Jane, and US News. So what’s all the hype about? And more importantly, does it really work? Check out these 5 facts about IV Fluid Therapy to find out!


  • What is IV Fuid Therapy?

    The “IV” in “IV Fluid Therapy” stands for Intravenous which translates to “within vein.” Put it all together and you literally get “Within Vein Fluid Therapy.” Chances are that if you’ve ever watched a scene set inside a hospital on TV or in the movies (anything from Grey’s Anatomy to South Park), or stepped foot within a hospital before, you have seen an IV drip hanging next to a hospital bed. Typically, “Intravenous rehydration is the process by which sterile water solutions containing small amounts of salt or sugar are injected into the body through a tube attached to a needle which is inserted into a vein.”

    If you are someone that is not in the medical field, or you have never received this type of treatment, it may not sound appealing but the process is very similar to getting a routine shot. This therapy brings relief to people suffering from various ailments like hangovers, dehydration, or jetlag at a much faster rate than taking an oral medication like aspirin.


  •  What Services Are Usually Offered?

    In addition to the traditional sterile water solutions, many medical spas have started offering more robust IV Fluid Therapies. Services include special treatments to help with extra hydration, detox, increasing energy, immune boost, beauty, glowing skin, exercise recovery, and hangover cures. Some boutiques even offer custom IV Drips so that you can choose what treatment best suits your personal wellness plan.


  •  How Does It Work?

    IV rehydration
    restores the fluid and electrolyte balance of your body.  While drinking liquids to help you rehydrate is helpful, studies have shown that it can take a total of 120 minutes for your body to fully absorb water into your system. Since IV Fluid Therapy bring the nutrients straight into your bloodstream, it is the quickest way to restore balance in your body.


  •  Who Can Have It?

    IV Fluid Therapy can be used to treat both adults and children. It is not uncommon for a doctor to prescribe intravenous rehydration to children with symptoms of severe dehydration. However, typically the more robust treatments mentioned above (with added vitamins and minerals) are reserved for adults.


  • How Is It Usually Administered?

    Many IV Fluid boutique clinics provide both in-clinic services along with the option for their team to make a “house call” and come to you at your convenience. When searching for an IV Fluid Therapy provider, we recommend that you confirm that their team is clinically trained and well versed in the administration of intravenous rehydration fluids. For example, IV Fluid MD serves the metropolitan Bay area and is operated by licensed medical practitioners including physician assistants and MDs.

    You can find a service provider near you and see what IV Fluid therapies they offer. Once you have made your decision you can book an appointment, and the administration of the therapy usually varies between 30 – 60 minutes. Looking to get rehydrated? Check out our website at for more information!



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